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Proudly servicing Colorado Springs, Denver, Aurora, Littleton, Castle Rock, Monument, Black Forest and the surrounding areas! Free quotes! Reasonable rates and quality work with true attention to detail. At Mr. Squid's, every customer is a VIP! We are proudly Locally Veteran Owned and Operated. Thank you for supporting local Colorado small business!

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Tree Trimming and Removal

We offer tree and shrub trimming, shaping, dead-wooding and removal services. Don't let the heavy wet Colorado snow damage or possibly kill your trees this Winter. Even worse yet, neglected trees can damage your home or injure someone on your property. 

Getting your trees trimmed and thinned out as needed drastically increases the health of your trees and their chance of surviving winter storms unscathed. Free in-person consultations.

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Gutter Cleaning, Installation and Repair

Getting your gutters cleaned out as needed is vital preventative maintenance for your property. Climbing ladders and roofs can be dangerous and is best left to trained professionals.

Our gutter cleaning process includes cleaning all gutters and downspouts on the property. For residential service this includes detached and attached garages/carports. In apartment complexes we will have a separate charge for carport/garage units. We will hand scoop and bag heavy debris areas from the roof. We check each and every downspout for proper drainage/blockages. We will clean up thoroughly and blow off your sidewalks/patio/driveway as a free courtesy.

Lastly, we will inform you of any potential issues we find with your roof or guttering system while completing our work. Most repairs can be fixed on the same appointment as your gutter cleaning upon approval. We provide free before and after pictures with every job upon request.


Chimney Sweep and Inspection

The National Fire Protection Association recommends getting your chimney swept and inspected annually to prevent potential fire hazards. Every chimney sweep we perform comes with a free level 1 chimney inspection. Creosote which builds up in the chimney can lead to a chimney fire. For this reason it is always advised to have a professional inspect and clean the chimney prior to using the fireplace.

There will be an extra charge for structures over two stories, wood stoves and fireplace inserts. Multi-unit discounts available for apartments and multi-family customers.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning and Repair

Dryer vents can be a potential fire hazard when not cleaned annually. Additionally they can cause you to waste your hard-earned money on electricity. Clogged dryer vents result in longer drying times and poorer performance. They also accelerate the wear and tear on your dryer resulting in higher operating temperatures.

Why waste more of your time while you wait around for clothes to dry that are taking forever because your vent is clogged? Clothes taking too long to dry or coming out wet after a cycle? Call Mr. Squid today!

Multi-unit discounts available for apartments and multi-family customers.

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Leaf Removal

We use high powered blowers and shredder vacs to remove all of the leaves from your property. Get a 10% discount when you combine this with our gutter cleaning or any other service.

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